Media: the development of Destiny 2 started anew a year and a half before the release

And the introduction of microtransactions into the game was an initiative of Bungie, not Activision.

Despite the fact that the start of work on the Destiny sequel was announced in November 2014, the developers didn’t have much time to finish everything.

According to Kotaku portal editor-in-chief Jason Schreier (Jason Schreier), Bungie began to remake an online shooter in early 2016. The journalist first reported this in May of that year, but only recently, taking part in the DestinyTracker podcast, he shared the details.

I think that it was made in a rather short period of time. Somewhere in early 2016, work on Destiny 2 was seriously restarted. The game director was appointed Luke Smith (head of the development of the addition to the first Destiny, The Taken King – ) , who still holds this post. But before him in this position was someone else. He was fired, this man no longer works in Bungie.

I think all this happened in April 2016, but I could be wrong, do not assume that this is for sure. So, if you think about it, they didn’t have much time to work on the game. Sixteen months passed from the restart to the end of development.Jason schreierKotaku editor

It is worth noting that a similar situation once occurred with the original Destiny. The Kotaku article on creating the game states that the plot for the online shooter was invented a year before the release, rejecting the previous version of the script.

In addition, Schreier argues that Bungie did not calculate her strength when she decided to release as much content in the first year since the Destiny 2 release as for the first part.


The studio had problems with the development tools, and so she suggested Activision to add the in-game Eververse to the game. For the aggressive micropayments in it, the sequel Destiny has repeatedly scolded players, demandingto remove it from the shooter altogether.

They said: “We’ll be adding content to the game, regularly, but little by little. Add Eververse and microtransactions and start earning it. ”

In Activision agreed and revised the contract, allowing [Bungie] to release the content is not so fast. Now, however, they have returned to the old system and will constantly work on it, supplying new DLCs.Jason schreierKotaku editor

Despite the fact that at the time of writing this information, there is no official confirmation, the Kotaku editor can be considered a reliable source of information about Destiny.

In the fall of 2016, a year before the game was released, Schreier announced that Destiny 2 would be released on the PC, and several months before the announcement of the addition, The Curse of Osiris published its name and plot details online.


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