Destiny 2 has a hidden system that reduces the value of experience points depending on context.

The player has found that the progress of the shooter owners may be noticeably slower than they suggest.

November 25 update: Bungie confirmed the existence of such a system, but after collecting and checking data, the studio decided to turn it off.

According to the developers, the actual amount of experience gained really depends on the speed of passing tasks and decreases, if you constantly grind available activities. However, the authors shooter unhappy with the results, which influenced their decision to abandon the system.

Now the speed of recruiting experience will vary, but the indicators visible in the game itself will be constant and accurate. Bungie also announced that it will analyze data over the next week to ensure that the updated system works correctly.

On November 23, a Reddit user under the nickname EnergiserX found out how exactly the amount of in-game experience relates to the process of obtaining new levels.

According to the author, the more experience points a user receives in a short time, the less they fill a special bar that clearly shows progress. According to EnergiserX, Destiny 2 has a special calculation system with a coefficient that grows if you quickly complete tasks. He also noted that the amount of experience actually gained can decrease up to 4% of the initial indicators.

EnergiserX added that public events provide only 50% of the number declared when they are received, because the completion of the task is enough to include the corresponding coefficient.

This leads to the fact that players earn levels more slowly, each of which, after reaching the maximum possible level of the 20th, gives a reward in the form of a bright engram (the local equivalent of Luthbox). Accordingly, at the same time, users receive less engrams with additional weapon modifiers and cosmetic items.

The author also noted that formally there are no limitations on the amount of experience in the game. However, those who quickly pass assignments of Destiny 2 in familiar ways, for example, participating in patrols and public events, will only interfere with themselves.

Let’s be clear: in the shooter there is no limit on getting experience. You can charge it as fast as you want, and you will always be on your way to the next bright engram. But at the same time, the faster you will be, the less you will end up with.

If you earn experience slowly, progress in the game is displayed correctly. If you play at normal speed, you get 50% less experience. And if you continue to grind the experience, the game will give you only a small part of it (in my tests I achieved losses of about 95% in the event, where the opponents attack each other).
EnergiserXreddit user


To confirm his theory, EnergiserX recorded his game for many hours and then compared the amount of experience gained with the progress in the corresponding bar at the bottom of the screen. He even had to count the pixels: the length of the strip turned out to be 360, and due to the simplest calculations, the player determined that one pixel is equal to about 225 experience points.

The author made a detailed graph of dependencies using the DIM program, which provides data directly from the software interface of the shooter.

The orange line indicates the amount of experience a player must earn (he is counting on this number). 
The blue line shows the actual amount of experience gained, and the yellow line shows the amount lost.

According to a study by EnergiserX, in the three hours of observation, he had to earn an amount of experience that would be enough for about 1.5 additional engrams.

Reddit users, after becoming familiar with the topic, were outraged by the situation. Many have suggested that, in this way, the developers at Bungie Studio want to limit the receipt of engrams, motivating players to buy them for real money. In the shooter, they are sold for a special currency – silver, with which you can also buy various cosmetic items, such as dance moves.

In one of the comments, the user under the nickname f3zz3h tried to find out how the system discovered by the author affects the in-game medallions of the battle group. They are also sold in the store for real money and for a few hours they increase the amount of experience gained both for the player and for the rest of the group when passing together. f3zz3h suggested that the promised increase could actually be reduced to nothing, thanks to the reduction factor that EnergiserX told about.

The topic eventually grew to a few hundred posts in which the owners of the shooter began to build various guesses and accuse the company of fraud and deception of players.


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