CES 2019: MSI laptop works 16 hours without recharging

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At CES 2019, MSI unveiled the next laptop in the “for work and office” line, which already includes the PS42 Prestige and P65 Creator. The new model is called the PS63 Modern.

Portability is a major asset. MSI promises up to 16 hours of battery life. The figure will definitely be less with the running software, but even half is already a full-fledged working day.

The power adapter is 19% smaller and 38% lighter, its shape is closer to square. The thickness of the laptop did not change compared to the PS42 (16 mm), it gained a bit of weight: 1.6 kg against the previous 1.2.


The amount of RAM varies from 4 to 32 GB; the NVIDIA GTX 1050 Max-Q is used as a video card. Enough to work, but the graphics settings in new releases will have to be reduced.

PS63 is made in black and blue, as opposed to black and gold in the gaming GS75.


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