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A skimmersha who “worked” in Belarus was detained. They have been looking for her through Interpol for six years.

Moldovan border guards detained a 29-year-old girl, whom Belarusian law enforcement agencies declared wanted by Interpol six years ago.

It is very likely that we are talking about Stella Vlas – at least in the source’s information it is said that the detainee has such a name (but no surname is indicated).

Stella Vlas was a member of a group of Moldovans who committed crimes in Belarus in 2013: they installed devices on ATMs that read data from bank cards. In the future, the attackers used the money from the accounts of the Belarusians.


In total, they stole more than 475 million non-denominated rubles – the infobank.by resource cited this figure with reference to the Investigation Committee.


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