IPhone sales in November decreased by 20% compared with a year earlier

In a recent letter to shareholders, Tim Cook acknowledged that iPhone sales have declined. Now, the resource Counterpoint Research has studied the information in detail and found out what was happening with the sales of new smartphones of the company.

November of last year turned out to be so-so – sales fell by 20% compared with the data a year earlier. As expected, the most popular device was the iPhone Xr with 64 GB of memory – this is the most affordable Apple smartphone. However, sales were lower by 5% compared to the iPhone 8 in November 2017, although the iPhone Xr received much more changes than the G8.


The iPhone Xs managed to bypass sales by 3% of the iPhone 8 Plus over the same period, but this data fades against the sales of the iPhone Xs Max – it was bought 46% worse than the iPhone X in November 2017. However, it should be recognized that sales of the iPhone Xs Max began in September, while the iPhone X appeared on the shelves only in November a year earlier – therefore, the hype should be different.


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