What to do with the new iPhone: 30 tips for a beginner

The iPhone is one of the most desired and popular gifts for the New Year. If you have found the coveted device under the tree, but do not know what to do with it, this material is for you.

We have gathered together the most useful chips and features of the new iPhone XS , XS Max, iPhone X R and iPhone X , which will help beginners get started. You are welcome!

1. Learn new gestures

Menu multitasking and “control point” in the new iPhone open differently

To make the iPhone frameless, Apple removed the Home button and reworked the gestures ofcontrolling the smartphone.

Remember the main ones :

Awakening – for this, simply click on the screen of an inactive iPhone.

Return to the home screen – swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen.

Multitasking menu – hold down the lower bar and slide your finger approximately to the middle of the screen.

Scrolling through open programs – swipe from right to left or left to right along the bottom bar.

Call “control point” – you need to slide your finger down from the top right corner of the display.

Call the “Notification Center” – you need to slide your finger down from the upper left corner of the display.

To call Siri on the new iPhone, you need to hold down the power button, and to activate Apple Pay – press it twice.

2. Learn to turn it off.

You can turn off the new iPhone in two ways.

Go to “Settings”> “General” and select “Turn off” or hold down the power button and any of the volume buttons, and then drag the slider from left to right.

3. Take a screenshot

You can add special explanatory notes to the screenshot.

To take a screenshot, press the power and volume buttons simultaneously.

4. Configure the “Control Point”

You can change the content of the “Control Point” at will.

To do this, go to “Settings”> “Control item”> “Configure element. management “and make a list of actions for quick access.

5. Record what is happening on the screen.

In the “control item” you can add the ability to record the screen

Add “Screen Record” to “Control Point” via “Settings” – through it you will be able to start and stop it. The finished video will be saved in film.

6. Use the keyboard as a trackpad.

So you can quickly move the cursor to any place in the text.

If you have an iPhone X R , hold down the spacebar to activate the trackpad. If you are using an iPhone Xs or another new smartphone, tap the keyboard with force.

7. Try the Roulette app.

It will help to measure the distance using the engine augmented reality.

Run the program and set the points, the distance between which you want to determine.

To use the program for professional purposes will not work, but for home needs its accuracy is enough.

8. Turn on “Modem Mode”

It will help to use the mobile Internet from iPhone on any other device.

Activate it through the menu “Settings”> “Modem Mode” and set the password.

After that, you can find your iPhone in the list of Wi-Fi networks on another device and use the Internet from it.

9. Set the “Screen Time”

It helps you control your smartphone usage.

You can enable this feature through the “Settings”> “Screen Time” menu.

Using this menu, you can set time limits for groups of applications, as well as find out which programs you most often use on your device.

10. Add another face ID

Add the face of any person you trust.

To do this, go to “Settings”> “Face ID and passcode”, and then select “Alternative appearance.”

11. Set the melody on the contact

This will help you understand who is calling, without getting the iPhone out of your pocket.

Find the person you need in the Contacts application, click on the Edit button and go to the Ringtone menu.

12. Set a unique vibration.

Use this feature if you prefer silent mode.

First, select the subscriber in the “Contacts”, then click “Edit”, go to the “Ringtone” menu and select “Vibration”.

Here you can set one of the ready-made vibration options or create a unique pattern.

13. Teach him to speak the name of the caller.

This feature is best used in headphones.

Go to Settings> Phone> Call Announcement and determine when the iPhone should say the name of the caller: Always, Headphones and Car, or Headphones Only.

14. Turn on the flash when an incoming call.

This will help not to miss the call.

You can activate this feature in Settings> General> Universal Access> Alert Flash.

The flash will flicker not only during an incoming call, but also when notifications appear.

15. Scan documents through “Notes”

So you can translate any paper documents into electronic form.

Launch “Notes”, open a ready-made record or create a new one, click on the “+” button and select the “Scan Documents” option.

The application will cut off all unnecessary and align the perspective of the image.

16. Try one-handed keyboard

It will help to type text on the big screen with one hand.


Go to “Settings”> “General”> “Keyboard”> “Keyboard for one hand” and select its location: “Left” or “Right”.

17. Chat with Siri text

This will help to use a smart assistant even at a lecture or meeting.

You can enable this feature in the “Settings”> “General”> “Universal Access”> Siri – here you need to activate “Enter Text for Siri”.

18. Create your own Memoji

It will help you to share your emotions in the “Messages”

Open “Messages”, go to the existing dialog or create a new one, click on the button with the image of a monkey under the entry line and select “+”.

In this menu you can create one or several avatars and use them in communication.

19. Configure notification grouping.

This will help you to clean up the “Notification Center”

Go to “Settings”> “Notifications”, select the application and open the “Grouping” section.

Messages in the “Notification Center” can be combined “Automatically” by type or “By program.”

20. Try “Teams” for Siri

This application will open for you a whole range of new features.

Download “Commands” in the App Store . Open the app and go to the Gallery menu – here you will find a huge number of features that will simplify the handling of the iPhone.

21. Set the Do Not Disturb mode.

He will help not to be distracted

Do Not Disturb mode silences any notifications and incoming calls. You can activate it through the menu “Settings”> “Do not disturb”.

We recommend that you schedule on and off of the mode on time, as well as use the switch in the “Control Point”.

22. Configure “Do Not Disturb Driver”

It will help not to be distracted while driving.

iPhone can automatically enable Do Not Disturb when you are driving. Configure this feature in the Do Not Disturb Driver menu in Settings> Do Not Disturb.

23. Scan QR Codes through “Camera”

Get any additional information quickly.

Go to “Settings”> “Camera” and turn on “Scan QR-code”. Now you can get information from it using the standard Camera application.

24. Change “Depth” in “Portrait”

This will help you get the most beautiful bokeh

You can change the intensity of the background blur when using portrait mode. To do this, click on the ” f ” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

25. Turn on “iCloud Photo”

This feature will help you sync snapshots between Apple devices.

If you use not only the iPhone, but also an iPad or Mac, be sure to turn on “iCloud Photo” in the “Settings”> “Photo” menu. After that, the pictures will automatically sync between Apple devices.

26. Try “Power Save Mode”

It will help you increase the time of your iPhone.

You can enable it in the “Settings”> “Battery” menu. It disables some background processes and makes it possible to increase the battery life of the iPhone.

27. Download unused applications

So you can free up space in your iPhone.

If you have already managed to fill the memory of your iPhone with programs and games to the eyeballs, be sure to turn on the “Download unused” feature in Settings> iTunes Store and App Store.

Now the smartphone will automatically delete applications that you do not use. At the same time on the home screen will remain a shortcut to the game or program for their quick download.

28. Disable “Ratings and reviews”

Just to not reach

To prevent intrusive requests to leave a rating in applications, turn off the “Ratings and Ratings” option in Settings> iTunes Store and App Store.

29. Set the “Enlarge Display”

This is necessary if the elements on the screen seem small to you.

If you found an iPhone Xs Max under the tree, you can zoom in on the items on its screen through the Settings> Display and Brightness> View.

30. Try the iCloud Media Library

This is needed to sync music on Apple devices.

You can turn it on through the Settings> Music menu. With it, you can synchronize not only audio from Apple Music, but also up to 100 thousand tracks that you added to your iPhone via iTunes.


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