The best applications of 2018. Editor’s Choice

So it is time to sum up the results of 2018. The traditional time to determine the favorites of the App Store.

We actively use these applications and are ready to recommend them to you. Eight authors – 24 best programs.

Siri teams [ free ]

The best thing that has happened to iOS in recent years.

With just this application you can significantly expand the range of operating system capabilities: show EXIF ​​data of photos, delete all screenshots in one fell swoop and even download any video from YouTube.

Simplenote [ free ]

On the one hand, this is the simplest sweeper I have just met. On the other hand, it has unique features: for example, the record change history, with which you can see all the recent changes.

Using this application, I make sketches for future materials for the site, write down the names of the books I want to read, and the films I want to watch.

Things [749 руб.]

One of the best task lists that can be installed on the iPhone. It has a simple, convenient and understandable interface with the division of affairs not only for projects, but also for areas: work, personal, leisure, shopping lists.

The program does not interfere with work – on the contrary, it makes it possible not to keep all your tasks and ideas in your head and concentrate on their implementation.

Focos [ free ] [ our revie

w ]

A cool app that helps to change the blurriness of the background on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X portrait photos, like on iPhone Xs.

There are many cool options that are not on the flagship devices. For example, with a dozen options to adjust the depth of the effect, blur correction, and so on.

Infuse 5 [ free ]

A great omnivorous player that recommends buying to all iPad and Apple TV owners. It will block 99% of the scenarios with viewing downloaded videos or videos over the network.

7 Billion Humans [299 руб.]

Puzzle from the creators of the Human Resource Machine (those who have not played, it is better to start with the old game).

Programmers will pass it without straining, people with a technical mindset will be interesting, and the humanities will hang for a long time after several levels.

Adobe Photoshop Express [ free ]

This is exactly what I was looking for so long: a normal photo editor with no visible restrictions. Want a collage? You are welcome. It is necessary to crop a photo quickly – and it is, by template or by hand.

And also: a bunch of filters, settings for every taste. “Big” will not replace, but for basic tasks now the computer is not needed.

Fortnite [ free ]

This is not a game – it is a phenomenon that changes our world day by day. It is she who will hammer the last nail into the coffin of the PC gaming and make people forget about the bulky boxes on the desktop forever.

Alas, the “royal battle” has already replaced not only CS, but many other games (genres). Sometimes it seems that people do not need anything else.

Therefore, I vote for the most current game. If the interest in it does not disappear, we will see many more changes in the games, the setting and the very perception of gadgets. A start

Mi Home [ free ]

I remember the Xiaomi smart home control app from the first version. Not a cake at all, especially under iOS. But times are changing: now there is Russian, Material Design, convenient tabs and a full list of connected equipment for any region.

It works much more stable, so as an advance I will call Mi Home “The best customer of a smart home.

Pixelmator [ free ] [ our review ]

One of the most powerful photo editing applications on iOS. I use it literally every day.

Supports most formats, even capacious RAW. Parameters for adjusting and correcting images and simple images – the sea. Moreover, you can even save the unfinished layout in PSD format, which is convenient for Photoshop owners.

Container [ 379 руб. ]

Creepy and very atmospheric game about a totalitarian state. The developers really tried: you feel your character under real observation.

From the pros, I would like to note a cool hand-drawn graphics, a gorgeous soundtrack, an interesting plot and the ability to re-play the game with a different outcome. And yes, every action has its consequences!

Opera Touch [ free ]

Very good replacement for Safari on iOS. The browser is smart, simple and intuitive. No million settings, everything works out of the box.

The main plus: it is simply created for the iPhone without the Home button. All control is transferred to the lower edge of the screen, and there is still a built-in ad blocker and data transfer function in encrypted form.

Secure VPN [ free ]

Without VPN, I often cannot open the sites I need. This option is one of the most affordable. It is necessary to run almost every day.

Fusion 360 [ free ]

If it could also be modeled in it, it would not have been priced. But thanks to that: a very thoughtful 3D model viewer with flexible settings and the ability to open access.

Nextcloud [ free ]

Client own cloud server. Dropbox and Google Drive are over. I regularly sync photos in it, create albums and arrange all the necessary files on a network hard drive.

Focus To-Do: Tomato Technique [ free ]

The most convenient tracker for project execution time. The system works on the principle of tomatoes (25 minutes of continuous task execution, then a short break). The application allows you not to be distracted by too much, instant messengers and other time absorbers.

I first found a program that reminds me to take breaks and not to kill my eyes. Since there is a habit of sitting for 3-4 hours in front of the moni tor without a break.


Streaks [ 379 руб. ]

The coolest motivator who makes you engage in sports every day and sit down for English. The principle is simple – completed the task for the day, put a check mark, the program saved the data. Not done – reset.

The case when the words about the 21-day continuous performance of something leads to the emergence of the habit of not empty words.

Wunderlist [ free ]

I do not like to keep tasks and lists in my head (or on leaflets), so I use this application. It is possible to structure all tasks, set deadlines and so on.

Convenient thing to go to the store. No papers and other nonsense. There is synchronization on Apple Watch, and joint lists from different accounts.

Free year.

Command & Conquer Rivals [бесплатно]

I am not really a fan of C & C in the era of computer clubs, so I downloaded this game out of curiosity.

Today, I have already played more than 100 games: this pocket strategy is really extraordinary exciting. The main thing is that each fight takes no more than 2 minutes, so you can take the base of a live opponent literally on the go.

The game about the confrontation of the GSS and the brotherhood of the GCD is absolutely free, and you can do without in-game purchases. Personally, I have not spent a penny of real money on the development of my progress, and this is the only game of 2018 that I constantly launch.

Highly recommend to try.

Bear Writer [ free ]

This text editor is my main discovery of the outgoing year. “Bear” supports markup, various codes and links for the most convenient creation of materials and articles of any complexity.

Bear has support for themes ( light, dark and beige ). Clever sorting and the ability to use Markdown markup language allow you to prepare an article directly on my iPhone, with all decorations, pictures and links.

I could not get used to any text editor. Byword and iA writer did not go, but Bear hooked on the interface and convenience. If you write a lot, try this free app. Sure, appreciate his chips and convenience.

AutoSleep: Sleep Tracker [ 229 rub. ]

Having tried a bunch of different programs to track the phases of sleep, I chose and enjoyed using only this one.

The AutoSleep chip is that this application makes the most of my Apple Watch, collecting my sleep statistics with their help. In addition to tracking the phases of fast and slow sleep, the application with the help of Apple Watch monitors the pulse and sends all the data to the Health app.

This is the only application that turns my Apple Watch into a kind of sleep tracker. No need to put the smartphone on the bed next to you, just run AutoSleep and do not remove the apple clock from your hand at night.

Anyone who does not get enough sleep constantly is a definite must have: I personally managed to adjust my rhythm and in the morning I wake up much more cheerful.

myNoise [ free ]

I noticed that it was easier for me to fall asleep not in silence, but under some constant sound. And this is not always the standard “white noise”. Maybe a crunch of leaves. Wind. Waves. And so on. Therefore, I love myNoise.

Yes, the App Store has many programs that reproduce sounds to improve sleep. Only these sounds are literally stolen from YouTube or free sources with a correspondingly low bitrate.

myNoise is unique in this regard . Absolutely all sounds (there are more than 100 of them!) Are created from scratch or recorded by the application developer. They are realistic, of the highest quality and customizable. Where else have you seen the special “equalizer” for the forest or the management of individual voices of the Tibetan choir?

You can also mix sounds . And overlay on other sources: for example, on videos from YouTube or music from Apple Music.

The basic sounds are free, the rest can be bought or taken all at once. I advise you to try this, but if you like it, you must support the developer by purchasing the entire package. Today myNoise is the  most advanced and high-quality application with sounds in the App Store . I advise those who sleep badly or, on the contrary, want to concentrate.

Yandex.Music [ free ]

Finally disappointed with the recommendations of Apple Music, I tried a variant from Yandex. Now I use it everywhere.

Yandeks.Muzyka every day offers me a new music of interest – and not once a week, as AM. The recommendations themselves are much more accurate and more often appear in a personal library. There is a dark theme, for which the eyes are grateful in the evenings.

The Yandex player and favorite tracks are available on all devices, including through the browser. “Editorial” playlists reflect trends in Russia much better than those released by the Apple Music team.

I am glad that the service is included in the Yandex.Plus subscription: for 169 rubles. per month you get a bunch of “buns”, among which there is a constant discount on a taxi .

In 2018, this is the best thing that a music lover can download to iPhone.


The appendix of the year was Telegram, period.

Happy New Year, gentlemen!

And we, in turn, promise to surprise you more often with interesting articles, reviews and contests.


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