Media: EA is working to introduce Switch support into the Frostbite engine.

It seems that the company wants to release more games on the Nintendo platform.

As noted blogger under the name Doctre81, in the summary of one of the employees on LinkedIn EA stated that he is working on adding support for Nintendo Switch «in existing software for developers.”

There is no direct reference to the Forstbite engine, but in the same resume the employee indicated that the software he is working on is used in Anthem and Battlefield V – both games were created on the DICE engine


Previously, EA released two previous parts of FIFA on Switch, but unlike the versions for PS4, Xbox One and PC, where the football simulator runs on Frostbite, the company used another engine for the Nintendo console.

Meanwhile, Switch popularity among players continues to grow. For 21 months of sales, the device has become the fastest-selling console of the current generation in the United States with a circulation of 8.7 million units


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