A group of gamers launched the first nuclear warhead in beta Fallout 76

The team completed the quest on the last day of testing.

A group of gamers, led by a user of FrenchTomahawk, reported that they were the first in the world to launch a nuclear warhead in the Fallout 76 beta

To gain access to the rocket fire system, you need to join one of the factions. FrenchTomahawk and comrades have chosen the Enclave. After that, they went to look for eight parts of the letter with the code. Fragments fall out of high-level wild ghouls and scorched. In the terminal of the Enclave command center, you can calculate specific enemies that carry the necessary parts of the note


After all the pieces are assembled, you need to find a key card. It is stored in cargo containers, which are transported by a special drone guarded by helicopters. His position can also be found in the terminal.


Then you need to solve the cipher in the message. Step-by-step instructions for decrypting a password are already available on the network . After that, the key card and the desired code are activated at two different terminals in the bunker, which allows the player to choose a target for a nuclear strike.

In Fallout 76, nuclear strike is positioned as endgame content. A crater forms at the site of the explosion, and around it you can find rare materials and legendary high-level enemies. Charging activation codes expire after a certain time


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