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“Liters” named the most popular books of service for 2018 year

The latest novel about Erast Fandorin, fiction Sergei Lukyanenko and the script “Crime Green de Wald.”

The sales service of e-books “Liters” shared sales statistics for 2018. The administration did not disclose specific figures, only indicated the leaders in specific nominations.

  • The best-selling book: Boris Akunin “I do not say goodbye”
  • Best selling in the first week after the release: Sergey Lukyanenko “Kaynozoy”
  • The best-selling book series: The Stars of the World Detective (Yu Nesbe, Snowman, Peter James, Leap Over the Abyss, Tess Gerritsen, The Death Preserver, all in a series of over 110 books)
  • Best-selling screen book: Daniel Keese “Flowers for Algernon”
  • Best-selling audiobook: Mark Manson “The subtle art of pofigism: A paradoxical way to live happily”
  • The best-selling book in a foreign language: J. K. Rowling “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of the Grindelwald – The Original Screenplay”
  • The book, which made the most pre-orders: Elena Star “The Magic Deal”
  • The book that received the most ratings: Evgeny Kozlov, Dmitry Kudryashov “Instagram Administrator. Earnings guide »
  • Most quoted book: Hal Elrod, The Magic of Morning. How does the first hour of the day determine your success? ”
  • The book, which left the most reviews: Natalia Krasnova «Former. A book about how to put on those who wanted to put on you “
  • The most popular book up to 150 rubles: Franziska Woodworth “The only one for a werewolf and mother-in-law to the load”
  • The most popular book from 150 to 250 rubles: Tatiana Ustinova “Ghost of Kant”
  • The most popular book is more expensive than 250 rubles: Boris Akunin “Nutty Buddha”
  • Most downloaded free book: Alexey Vinokurov “People of the Black Dragon”
  • The most read up book: Boris Akunin “I do not say goodbye”
  • The most unreadable book: Jojo Moyes, “All the same I am”
  • The best book on sales in “Black Friday”: Victor Pelevin “Secret Views of Mount Fuji”

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