How to set up a fake call on the iPhone

It is often difficult to find an excuse to get away from an uncomfortable conversation, leave a tedious company, or just switch to their business.

A false phone call from a wife, child or boss will help you get out of the situation.

How to set up a fake call

1. Install the free Callback – Fake / Prank Call App from the App Store.

2. Run the program and click the “+” icon .

3. Create a fake call card by filling in the name of the caller and the time after which the call will arrive.

The caller’s name can be selected from the template or entered manually, access to the address book is not required. The time can be set from 1 to 999 minutes.


Now, after a set period of time, a false call will be heard. The smartphone can be blocked or run another application.

The operation of the application depends on the silent mode. If it is on, only a vibration will work during a false call.

The free version is available 5 false calls. For the full version with an unlimited number of calls you need to pay 

Price FreeIn-App Purchases 

  1. Lifetime Upgrade-Full Version$2.99


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