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Anomaly: the coast of the island in Russia fell asleep live herring

On the night of December 28 to December 29, the sea threw tons of herring on the coast of the Russian island of Iturup (the largest in the Kuril ridge). Video with an unusual phenomenon posted on YouTube a resident of the island. “A gift to us for the New Year! This is real fishing! Rybachim! ” – the author of the video commented on what was happening, showing people collecting fish in bags, and showing off his bag almost full of herring.

According to the portal sakhalin.info, the fish was cast ashore from the very morning of December 28th. Its number was added literally with each wave at once in several places on the coast. Local residents reached out to herring deposits. Collecting fish, many of them made several flights, completely filling her cars with her. Surely there would be more people, but some refused to go fishing because of bad weather.


The last time a fish anomaly of this kind was noted in the Kuril Islands in the 80s of the last century.


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