A thousand and one problems – how Atlas started from the authors of ARK

Even the transfer of release did not save the game from falling servers and an abundance of bugs.

Chronology of events

As far as everyone knows (or does not know), the first trailer of the long-suffering Atlas MMO was tweaked by developers (“merged” or not – one can only guess) long before The Game Awards, in August 2018.

There you could see an amazing picture – almost all models and textures were taken from the good old ARK: Survival Evolved. In general, it was possible to draw certain conclusions and form some idea what kind of project it would be.

December 7, at the ceremony TGA 2018 presented the same teaser, but with a more presentable look. Modelki altered, albeit slightly, replaced most of the textures.

In general, the teaser was not bad, but there was no stir around the game itself. The release date was scheduled for December 13th.

December 11, the developers announced the transfer of the game on December 19. This is already made to think that it will come out raw and unfinished.

On the release day, Atlas was postponed again, this time on December 21st. As a small bonus, a new trailer appeared in the network, which did not avoid small bugs, rather bad animation and strange physics.

But on the 21st, the developers decided to delay the inevitable by setting the release for December 22, and as a result, they received a negative feedback from many who were still waiting for the game.

At the same time, there was a boom on Twitch – on the 19th, the number of people just watching the menu was 150,000, and on the 22nd it increased to 175.

The day that Steam fell …

December 23 – the long-awaited moment of release. Large western streamers began to receive the keys long before the game appeared in the store, which means one could enjoy a normal game and adequately evaluate it.

At peak hours on Twitch, over 300 thousand people watched the game simultaneously. Although, it would seem, there was no Atlas advertising or PR-actions – the HYIP around the game simply grew to some incredible level.

At 11 pm Moscow time, the servers, where some had time to play before the release, were restarted, removing the players data from them.

After that, the game was added to the store at very low regional prices. In the US, it was sold for $ 25, and in Russia – a little more than 400 rubles, taking into account the discount, which is good news.


And then a terrible thing happened. Due to the huge influx of people in the background of the winter sale, the Steam server simply fell and refused to make purchases.

Those who still managed to buy the game, or who already had the key, found an interesting discrepancy with the information declared by the developer. Instead of the declared 40 thousand places on the servers there were only up to 150.

As a result, the servers fell, and their “resurrection” took another 5-6 hours. But it did not save the game.

On average, for people with computer parameters exceeding the game’s system requirements, the frame rate did not exceed 40 fps, with drawdowns up to 10 and a constant delay of more than 250 servers, which reduces an adequate game to zero.

In addition, the game was easy to find an interesting bug. If you hold down the “down” button on the gamepad in the menu, you can bring up the ARK menu, which once again proves: it was precisely Atlas who took it as a basis.

In terms of gameplay, Atlas is not far from its “parent”. In general, everything is still built on the “grind”, only NPC, some interesting economic moments, a tree of development and magic have been screwed on top of it. And the action was transferred to the pirate setting, twisting the graphics, something in the spirit of ARK “at max.”

Naturally, the lack of optimization, the constant postponement of the release and close similarities with the ARK affected reputation – at the moment on the game, Steam has only 22% positive feedback.

As a result, we received a late ARK Reskin, with poor optimization and early access, which, with a hyip that came out of nothing, kills Steam and the game itself.

My opinion about all this is this: the developers rushed, not expecting such an influx of players, and were absolutely not ready. If the game will be good (in any case, for those who like to tame dinosaurs), then obviously not today or tomorrow. And when that time comes, the ARK will sink into oblivion.


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