Reddit user posted screenshots of EA internal newsletter

From the letter you can learn not only about the plans of the publisher regarding the indie games Fe and A Way Out, but also about the way of thinking of the employees of one of the largest companies in the industry.

A way out

Redditor under the nickname OldSoul2 posted on the site a screenshot of the e-mail, apparently intended for employees of Electronic Arts. The user himself claims that he has received “strange business letters” for three months already, and does not know how he was signed up for the newsletter.

Detailed information in the letter, its tone and design indicate that it may well be true. It concerns the company’s plans for indie games from the EA Originals program – Fe platform game and co-operative action A Way Out.

Information about each of them is divided into two parts. In one of them – a brief summary of the public interest in the game at the moment, possible options for its promotion and sales forecasts. In the other – timeline with specific plans and dates “milestones” of the marketing campaign.

So, the letter expresses concern that Fe, which was last shown at Gamescom 2017, may not meet expectations. The total number of views of its two trailers on YouTube is no more than 500 thousand, noted in the text. It also says that we need a kind of “spark” that would fuel interest in the platform.

Apparently, EA is going to give early access to the game to publications that have already shown special interest in it and to bloggers who are curious about it. In addition, the publishers are talking about continuing cooperation with Nintendo in order to “find an Fe audience on the Switch.”

Also, the letter says about the possible display of the platform at the ceremony The Game Awards on December 7. In January, the presentation of Nintendo Direct is likely to take place, where the next Fe trailer will be shown


Judging by the timeline from the letter, EA plans to focus on the atmosphere of the game and the work of the developers in the advertising campaign. And after the release, which, according to the letter, will take place on February 18, – to maintain interest, “sharing the love of indie games.”

But the audience interest in A Way Out in publishing, apparently, was satisfied. The letter notes the high expectations of the players after the show at E3 2017, as well as the charisma of game director Jozef Farez, who represented the game.

In the course of the campaign, the publishing house is going to bet on Farez, inviting the game author to give lectures and interviews, as well as to participate in flysley. However, according to the letter, EA fear that he may become an “ambiguous” figure for the public

he timeline for A Way Out didn’t enter the screenshot into the network completely, but you can see in its fragment that the game is going to be shown on December 7th (most likely at The Game Awards, like Fe), and in February gameplay will start to appear videos

In the advertisement, if you believe the letter, the emphasis will be placed on the cooperative mechanics of A Way Out and the plot of the game, “an emotional adventure that cannot be missed”

Trailer A Way Out

There is no exact information about the release date: judging by the text, it will take place as early as 2019, although it was previously planned to release the game in early 2018. The schedule from the screenshot ends in March


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