VKontakte will launch its platform for the distribution of PC games

Analog Steam and GOG for independent developers promise to submit in 2019.

The platform will appear in the vk.com/apps section , where HTML5 games are currently available, and will also be available through the downloadable Play Machine application.

Games appeared “VKontakte” more than 10 years ago. The game platform has gone from Flash-games to cross-platform HTML5-projects and is ready to move even further. We want to give the creators of PC games access to the VKontakte audience and in the first half of 2019 we will present a platform for independent developers. As before, we are convinced that conditions should be beneficial for developers – they will receive most of the profits.


Maxim BabichevHead of the VKontakte gaming platform

Previously, the company introduced the keys store on the VK Pay platform, through which you can buy subscriptions for PS4 Plus and Xbox Live, as well as games of large publishing houses.

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