“VKontakte” has published ten best platform games in 2018. year

For the year, the site paid developers two billion rubles.

The main monetization is accounted for by votes that users buy “VKontakte” and use in games. According to the company, 55 million people started the games in the web version, and 14 million – Direct Games in a mobile application (supports HTML5-games). Total users installed games 175 million times.

In 2018, we introduced a huge number of new tools in Direct Games and on the web platform to improve the attraction and retention of players. Dozens of updates have increased the turnover of the platform, most of which – 2 billion rubles – as always, it is the developers who receive it. The VKontakte game ecosystem is built around games, developers, and players, and we have prepared some important surprises for 2019.Maxim BabichevHead of the VKontakte gaming platform


In addition, the social network identified the top ten games of 2018, the results are based on statistics and editorial preferences.

  • Direct Games Best Game: Raspberry Jam: Three in a Row
  • Editor’s choice: “Jumper”
  • Audience Award: Treasures of Pirates
  • Better integration: “Fir-tree 2019”
  • Best graphics: Vega Mix Winter Story
  • Best competitive game: “Che, smart?”
  • Top PvP Battles: Like A King!
  • Best casual game: Vega Mix: Three in a row
  • Best start: “Dream skyscrapers”
  • Best Game: Chaos Chronicles

In September, VKontakte launched a digital games store on the VK Pay platform, and in October announced that in 2019 it would open a platform for game distribution, an analogue of GOG and Steam.


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