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Game developers oppose the ban of Donald Trump on the entry of Muslims in the US

Industry vs. Trump.

January 28, it became known that US President Donald Trump signed a decree that temporarily prohibits refugees from Syria, as well as citizens of Iraq, Iran and other Muslim countries from entering the country. Game developers have reactednegatively to the decree of the newly elected president.

Trump’s ruling caused massive strikes near the airports, due to which the federal court partially suspended the execution of the presidential decree. Leading game developers spoke out against Trump’s actions.

The strike was supported by the organizers of the Game Developers Conference.

GDC is a global community. We are terrified of the “Muslim ban.” Of course, we will return the money to participants who have been affected by Trump’s ruling and will continue to support oppressed segments of the population.

Rami Ismail, founder of the Netherlands’s Vlambeer gaming studio, said he was ready to support the strike financially.

All revenues earned by Vlambeer over the next 24 hours will go to the foundation of the American Civil Liberties Union to fight the “Muslim ban.”

Brianna Wu (Brianna Wu) – the developer and founder of the studio Giant Spacekat also supported the strike.

Tomorrow I will come to protest at Copley Square. When I am elected to the congress, we will put an end to this unconstitutional religious persecution.

The head of the mobile game development team Dots has published an appeal to users in his twitter, stating that the studio is pleased with its fans all over the world

Dots have their own position. We will show this appeal to all players. 3-4 million people will see him soon.

Joseph Staten (Joseph Staten) – Creative Director of Microsoft Studios also spoke out against Trump’s actions

Today, I am particularly proud to support the American Civil Liberties Union. And I am proud that I work in a company that is ready to defend their beliefs.

Microsoft Executive Director Satya Nadella has published his statement on the network of professional contacts LinkedIn.

As an immigrant and Microsoft executive director, I see a positive result from immigration for my company, the country and the world as a whole. We will continue to defend this position.Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft

The director of the Super Evil Megacorp studio, famous for the Vainglory mobile game, sent out a letter to all employees, which negatively evaluated Trump’s actions.

Whatever your political goals and views, it is wrong to discriminate and persecute people on religious, ethnic, national or other grounds.Christian Seagerstrahl, Executive Director, Super Evil Megacorp

Margaret Wallace, director of Playmatics, expressed her position on Trump’s next decree.

The more Trump tries to stifle freedom and democracy, the stronger we become. We are a nation of immigrants. Steve Jobs’s biological father was from Syria. My grandfather was an immigrant. Trump is lying about the past of America, which has never been. We, employees of technical industries, must remain strong in order to lead the industry and citizens who have united in defense of democracy.Margaret Wallace, Playmatics Executive Director

On November 8, 2016, Donald Trump was elected to the post of 45th President of the United States of America. On January 20, he was inaugurated, at which he took the oath and officially took office. The day before, several thousand people took to the picket against Trump in New York, including actors Robert De Niro, Alec Baldwin, Mark Ruffalo, Juliana Moore and others.

With his latest decree, Donald Trump banned entry to the United States for representatives of seven Muslim countries for 90 days, and stopped receiving refugees for 120 days.

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