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VKontakte has got a profile on Instagram

It was December 2018.

The VKontakte social network, launched in 2006, launched its Instagram profile. The first photo in it was published on December 21, 2018 – it shows the Singer House, where the headquarters of VKontakte is located.

Representatives of VKontakte confirmed that this is an official profile, but did not explain in detail why the company needed it.

We study the Instagram application for iPad.VKontakte press service

Instagram doesn’t have its own iPad app, and the iPad version of VKontakte last updated significantly in 2015. Representatives of the social network do not forget to joke about it.

VKontakte used to struggle with Instagram – in August 2015, the social network turned off links to photo services on users’ pages and in private messages against the background of the photo-app Snapster. In April 2016, the links were turned back on – they explained to VKontakte that this was caused not by taking care of the Snapster, but by the struggle with the people and organizations that resorted to the traffic. Snapster closed in September 2017.


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