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Video blogger Amiran Sardarov released from the police after a “preventive conversation”

He thanked the police and riot police for having “pulled him out of the crowd.”

The creator of the YouTube channel “Diary of Hach” Amiran Sardarov was released from the police after a “preventive conversation”. He announced this on Instagram on the evening of December 23.

Guys, everything is fine, we have had a professional discussion, a special thanks to riot police and the police for pulling out from the crowd, otherwise chaos has already begun there. In general, now only everything is sanctioned, as it should be, according to the rules, we will not allow more such nonsense.Amiran Sardarovcreator of “Hach Diary”


Sardarov did not report on the drawing up of a protocol or the initiation of proceedings.

On December 23, Sardarov invited fans to a meeting in the center of Moscow in honor of the upcoming New Year. He promised those who would come to the Okhotny Ryad shopping center free prizes, including the iPhone XR.

At about 20:30 one of the fans of Sardarov published a photo of a police avtozak with the caption: “Amiran is being taken away”. After the detention, the blogger clarified that the gifts had been pulled out of his hands and nothing was left.


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