On Manezhnaya Square, video blogger Amiran Sardarov was detained. He organized a gathering of fans – hundreds of people came

The creator of the “Hacha Diary” promised free prizes to those who came, including new iPhones.

Hacha Diary fans at Manezhnaya Square  @sell_it_man

On December 23, the creator of the “Hach Diary” YouTube channel Amiran Sardarov invited fans to a meeting in the center of Moscow in honor of the upcoming New Year. In the Instagram stories, the video blogger promised tothose who come to the Okhotny Ryad shopping center free prizes, including white iPhones XR.

An hour after the start of the meeting, at about 19:30 Moscow time, Sardarov called on fans to move to a less crowded place – to the Karl Marx monument behind the Four Seasons Hotel. Despite this, people filled almost the entire Manege Square and started to go out onto the road: this can be seen in Instagram stories on the hashtag “Hach Diary”.

Screenshot of the story from Instagram

One of the Instagram users posted a video with Sardarov on the subway: a video blogger in Santa Claus costume presented an iPhone to one of the passengers

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????СТОЙ, ЭТО РЕАЛЬНО????????????встретил в метро Амирана @amiran495 и выйграл бесплатный проездной на год???????? да, не айфон конечно, как парень с видосика, но тем не менее????если вдруг я буду в выпуске сразу хочу сказать,что я чет растерялся и не смог вспомнить ни одной песни про Москву и про Новый год, кроме Шнура (Москва по чем звонят твои колокола) и Стекловата – Новый год ????????????и то я вспомнил по одной строчке, Карл ????не знаю почему, но я там получился прям тупым походу ????????????короче эмоции через край, не каждый день в метро встречаешь блогерa такого масштаба, а самое кайфовое, что утром смотрел его новое шоу, а вечером встретил вживую и пожал руку ???????? #дневникхача #выйгралайфон #амиран #удача #шозадвиж #новыйгод #подарок


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According to eyewitnesses, when Sardarov arrived at the Manege Square, people began to push each other and knock down. It is not known how many fans came to the meeting, but hundreds of people got on the video.

When someone said that he saw Amiran, the whole crowd, as at the last marathon, turned into a slaughter of human meat over the course of the Altai rivers. Now one way, then the other. Then in the same way around the hotel. Amazing what happened without [email protected]_it_man user

At about 20:30 one of the fans of Sardarov published a photo of a police avtozak with the caption: “Amiran is being taken away”. Telegram channel Mash has published a video, as the video blogger in the costume of Santa Claus is taken by the police.

After the arrest, Sardarov asked the fans to disperse and not wait until he was released from the police car. He also clarified that gifts from his hands pulled out. Together with him in the paddy wagon was another unknown person who “wanted to protect Amiran.”

Guys, break up, please. We can’t leave, and here everyone is angry. Dismiss, everything, you have already pulled out all the gifts from me. All taken and dismantled. I will not give you anything. Thank you for coming. Sorry for that.Amiran Sardarovcreator of the “Hach Diary” YouTube channel


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