In Russia, the meteorite demolished the top of the hill and blocked the river bed

A meteorite fell in the Khabarovsk Territory a few days ago, but due to the fact that the places where it fell, deserted, it was not discovered immediately, but only when the local hydroelectric station decreased the flow of water to the reservoir. According to preliminary data, the meteorite demolished the top of the fells, the rock collapsed and blocked the mouth of the river Bureya by 40 meters. Now specialists are working at the site of a meteorite fall.

“ Apparently, the meteorite was enormous, if it could cover the river bed by 40 meters, now two groups have come to the place, one from the Verkhnebureinsky district, the other from the Amur region, ” quoted Alexey Maslov as saying. – They have a satellite phone and dosimeters to determine the level of radiation. For several days at the Bureyskaya HPP, it was noted that the inflow into the reservoir had decreased, but they could not determine the causes.

According to preliminary data, the Bureya bed is filled up a few kilometers above the mouth of the River Tyrma, about 70 km from the village of Chekunda. The incident was reported to the Minister of Emergencies, space satellites were involved in the assessment of the situation.


If a blockage on the river gives rise to water and this will threaten the flooding of the villages, the state of emergency will be announced, said Alexey Maslov.

Groups already arrived at the scene and surveyed the area.

– In the course of the inspection, the fact of a descent of the soil to the Bureya river bed was established. At the moment there is no threat of flooding of settlements, the river is in winter mode. The Bureyskaya HPP is also functioning normally. After assessing the situation by specialists, the question of how to take the necessary measures in the future will be decided at a meeting of the KES of the district, the Emergencies Ministry of Russia in the Khabarovsk Territory noted. – The situation is under the control of the Crisis Management Center of the Main Administration of the EMERCOM of Russia for the Khabarovsk Territory.


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