China will tell Russian customs about the cost of all parcels.

The Russian Federal Customs Service (FCS) will tightly control the parcels by receiving extended information from the Chinese side.

A memorandum with China on improving customs regulation of electronic commerce signed in November allowed the Federal Customs Service to deal more effectively with gray imports.

Information that Russian customs services will now know:

  • how often the user receives the same product
  • real parcel weight
  • at what price the package was purchased and where it went
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In the event that the situation with the understatement of the real value of the goods becomes clear, the FCS will be able to charge additional fees.

Currently, a duty of 30% applies to parcels whose cost per month exceeds 1000 euros and weighs 31 kg. Already in 2019, the limit will be reduced to 500 euros and 25 kg. [ Gazette ]


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