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WhatsApp secretly devours gigabytes on the iPhone. How to fix

Many of us, besides iMessage, use WhatsApp . In principle, this is a very convenient messenger with its own chips and features.

But WhatsApp has one unpleasant feature. He quietly eats the memory on the iPhone . Moreover, the more you correspond, exchange photos and videos, the more memory disappears without a trace.

You can verify this so. Open Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage . And we see the following picture:

It would seem nothing critical.

If I believe iOS 12, the messenger on my iPhone is 92.5 megabytes specifically . In fact, everything is not so optimistic.

Clear whatsapp data

But the real picture of the occupied space.

Step 1. Go to WhatsApp in the Settings -> Data and Storage -> Storage .

As you can see in the screenshot above, in front of each of your contacts, with which at least once the correspondence was conducted, there is the size of the memory that it occupies.

By default, the system talked about 95.5 MB. In fact, all chats take 112.4 MB, that is, 17-18% more than the “theoretical” value.

Personally, I rarely use WhatsApp, so my memory-occupied memory seems ridiculous to me.

But my friend, who actively uses the instant messenger, has a much sadder picture:


Almost 6 GB of communication takes WhatsApp. But you will not know about it.

In total, WhatsApp chats on his iPhone occupy more than 6 GB , although the number of 200 – 300 MB is displayed in the iPhone Vault.

Step 2 . Open the most voracious chat rooms and proceed with the cleaning.

To do this, the item Manage and Clean. In the window that opens, you can select the data you want to delete. Most often this video.

Select unnecessary and click Clear .

Everything. At least a few gigabytes of memory appeared on the iPhone. If you wish, you can go through other applications from the iPhone Storage section . There may also be unpleasant surprises.


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