“This is not a new game, this is a mod”: in the Atlas online RPG they found the settings menu from ARK: Survival Evolved

Players believe that the MMO about pirates is only a supplement for the previous release from the developers.

On December 22, an online Atlas RPG from the authors of the survivor ARK: Survival Evolved was released in early access Steam. This is the first independent game Grapeshot Games, a studio founded by people from Wildcard.

However, the next day after the release, users found out that MMO is a kind of modification for ARK. The developers did not cut out the old options menu from Atlas.

One of the first to discover this was a streamer from Germany with the nickname mukkayo during a live broadcast. To open the settings window from the survival action, you need to select the last button in the main menu, click “down” and select the hidden item.

As a result, the screen will display a window for selecting modifications and additions that is no different from its counterpart from ARK

Hidden menu in Atlas

Options menu in ARK: Survival Evolved

At the time of this writing, the Atlas Twitch channel has a live broadcast of Atlas, the title of which says: “We are playing a new DLC for ARK”

This partly explains the state in which Atlas was released – many players after the release began to complain about the poor optimization and technical problems that they faced in the previous game.


Some directly assumed that MMO about pirates is a mod for ARK.

We were deceived, the game is not new, this is the same ARK, only in profile. But the problem is that all the errors that were at the start of the “Arch” – lags, unstable servers, low fps – remained at the same level!

The players thought it was a new MMO game, and it turns out just a mod for “Arch”, and very bad, at least for today.JlokoSteam user

We were promised one thing, we got another. In principle, deception was expected.

In fact, Atlas is the official mod for ARK, and not an independent game, it’s still the same Arc, the new DLC. What is the difference from the arch? It is minimal.razgromSteam user

Atlas release date was announced during The Game Awards 2018. According to the developers, the game supports up to 40 thousand players on one server, and the size of its world is 12 thousand times larger than the size of the ARK card


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