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10 advanced tips on whatsapp. Many new

According to current MOMRI data (“Institute of Modern Media”), the most popular messenger in Russia remains WhatsApp. It is used by 71% of Muscovites and 59% of smartphone owners in cities with a population of more than 100 thousand.

We decided to support advanced WhatsApp users in the country, and it was for them that we collected the 10 most relevant techniques for working with the popular messenger. We will tell you what you need and do not need to do in order to use it most effectively.

1. Add photos, videos, text and links to your WhatsApp status

By the updated WhatsApp, it is immediately obvious that the messenger belongs to the company that owns Instagram today. This course is about Facebook, which has integrated into the application for communication stories from a social network focused on photos and videos.

For the “Status” even highlighted a special menu that is made on the main screen of the application.

In them you can add photos, videos, text, and even links that will disappear from here in 24 hours.

You may have not one, but several statuses in a row at once, with the help of which you can tell all your WhatsApp friends about events from your life or your customers about the latest company news and promotions.

We strongly recommend that you adjust the privacy of Status to hide unnecessary information from selected contacts or share it with your favorites only. You can do this through the menu “Settings”> “Privacy”.

2. Create group voice and video calls through the application

In one of the latest mobile app update in WhatsApp appeared group voice and video calls.

This is a very useful feature, which developers actually enter six weeks before the release of iOS 12 with the same features in FaceTime.

The number of people who can simultaneously communicate via WhatsApp using voice or video is limited to the mark of 4 people . I am sure that this is enough for most issues and not so much not to create porridge.

To start a group call with voice or video, first create a single. This can be done after selecting a contact or from a dialogue with him. When the call begins, click on the button with the image of the portrait and “+” in the upper right corner.

Unfortunately, a group call today cannot be created simply from a group – even if it has up to 4 people. In this case, the opportunity is needed precisely in order to attach the necessary subscriber to the communication, and not to work with the group right away.

3. Do not hide the reading of incoming messages using the “Airplane Mode”

I won’t say exactly when this opportunity disappeared, but earlier the messenger could be interestingly deceived with the help of “Avi-mode”

When you received a new message, you could activate this mode through the “Control Point”, read all the necessary information. After that, you could close the messenger, disable the mode and pretend that you did not see the incoming one.

At the same time, the person who sent you the message did not receive the status “Read” (two checkboxes).

Today it does not work. In order not to show the status of reading the message, we recommend that you simply disable it using the mobile application. This can be done in Settings> Privacy.

However, in this case, you also will not be able to see reports on the readings of other users. And many of them may even think that you are hiding something or simply are not distinguished by reliability. Be careful with this.

4. Send messages to WhatsApp by voice via Siri Assistant

Several versions of iOS ago, Siri voice assistant learned how to work with third-party applications. And in WhatsApp almost immediately the opportunity to send voice messages by voice.

Nevertheless, it worked only with single dialogues, and this baffled many. About group chats just forgot.

Not even a couple of years passed, and in the latest updates of the instant messenger there was an opportunity to send messages to group chats by voice. To do this, activate Siri, dictate the message and ask to send by the name of the chat .

This greatly simplifies communication with group dialogues when you are restricted in movement.

For example, using this feature you can chat with friends and colleagues when you are driving. Suffice to say “Hi, Siri” and dictate the message. It’s even easier to do this with AirPods.

5. Add messages to favorites and quickly return to them.

Although favorite messages have been available in WhatsApp for a very long time, many simply don’t know about them.

You can simply hold any message in the correspondence and select the button with the image of an asterisk. It will immediately be added to the special menu “Settings”> “Favorite messages” – here they are arranged in chronological order.

To quickly edit the list of favorite messages, simply click on the “Edit” button in this menu.

Why do we need favorite messages? The number of usage scenarios is very large. For example, you can add here a list of purchases that your wife dropped to you, so that it would be long and tedious not to look for it in correspondence.

Well-chosen posts deal with work issues. If you are a freelancer and discuss projects with customers through WhatsApp, you can add technical tasks or edits to ready-made tasks to this menu .

6. Restore all deleted application chats from backup

If you actively use WhatsApp as a means of communication and have already managed to collect enough valuable information in the messenger dialogs, be sure to configure automatic backups. In the future, it can save you more than once.


The application creates a backup in iCloud , and you can access it from any device.

Just go to the “Settings” section, expand the “Chats” menu, select the “Backup” function and determine the frequency in the “Automatic” section. You can do this once a day, week or month.

If you do not mind the place in iCloud, we recommend that you create backup copies every day and include video in them.

A backup will help you if you change your mobile device or accidentally delete an application. Already at the first start, the newly installed WhatsApp will prompt you to restore it.

7. Find out when any of the messages have been delivered and read.

It happens that you need to know the specific time when a person received the message and read it.

This is especially useful when working with hired employees. They can say as much as they have not seen your mission, because they were busy with other tasks. But you can parry these claims with specific data.

Just hold down the message, the delivery and reading time of which you want to check, and select “Data”. Now they will have fewer reasons to fool your head. But this is not the only use case.

It may also come in handy if you are unable to contact your relatives – you will immediately see when they have read your messages.

Please note that you will not be able to take advantage of this opportunity if you or the person with whom you are communicating have turned off the “Reading Report”. If it’s about employees, just ask them not to play with fire.

8. Configure privacy – this is important in group dialogs.

You should have thought about the security of personal data if you are in groups with a large number of non-close people.

You can be in the group of apartment owners of a single multi-storey building and discuss issues related to its maintenance, you can communicate with dozens of people as part of text trainings – these are just a couple of examples when your data is at risk.

We recommend that you set data privacy in “Settings”> “Account”> “Privacy”. Pay attention to the “Information”, “Profile Photos”, as well as be sure to turn off your “Geodata” .

In each of these items, you can choose the options “All”, “My Contacts” and “Nobody”. If you have only friends in your phone book, it is better to stop at the second option. So you will be closed only from unknown users.

However, such restrictions may adversely affect your publicity. If it is important, watch for information about yourself.

9. Add your reaction to photos and videos that are sent.

In addition to the stories from Instagram, WhatsApp also migrated stickers and other emotional pieces to decorate photos and videos.

You can simply select a snapshot or post that you want to send to a group chat of friends, add a signature for it, write a couple of interesting comments on top of a photo or video, add emoticons and send it all in a flash.

This is convenient when you do not just need to share photos from the trip, namely, to send some kind of comic picture.

Moreover, pay attention to the tool “Pencil” . With it, you can select some fragments of a photo to explain something to friends or colleagues. For example, circle a certain part of the graph.

Please note that if you make a swipe up, you can also add a filter to the snapshot.

10. Regularly update the application – so protect your personal data.

In early April of this year, specialists Kiran Garimella of the Federal Polytechnic School in Lausanne and Gareth Tyson of the University of London, Queen Mary, found dangerous vulnerability in WhatsApp.

They collected information from 178 group chats, in which they studied 500 thousand messages from 46 thousand users.

The experts used a special decryption key and were able to obtain a user database: messages, attachments, telephones.

Representatives of the messenger did not comment on this situation, but after a couple of days there was an update of the messenger, which officially added a few simple functions. After it, the discussion of vulnerability faded away.

Therefore, be sure to update this and other messengers, and better use the automatic download updates from the App Store.


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