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Facebook and Zuckerberg will be responsible for the leakage of 50 million accounts

Facebook founder Zuckerberg will receive a request from the US and UK authorities. The social network is accused of plum 50 million accounts.

All records were made available to Cambridge Analytics, a company engaged in political psychometrics. It was this company that worked in the campaign headquarters of Donald Trump during the presidential race.

Currently, members of the US Congress and the British Parliament require Zuckerberg to explain the situation and tell him what he knows about the use of personal data of users.

Presumably the social network was used to “manipulate voters.”

The investigation showed that in 2015, third-party personal data was obtained from users. Facebook management knew about this, but did not consider it necessary to notify affected users about the incident.

Considering that in 2014, Cambridge Analytics paid about $ 800,000 to collect data from users of the social network, many million dollars are around the drain of such a large number of accounts.


Initially, Facebook granted permission for data collection by the application thisisyourdigitallife for the purpose of “research”. Speeches that user data will be transferred, and even more so sold to third parties was not.

Cambridge Analytics strongly rejects the illegal receipt of the database and says that “everything was done legally and with the mutual consent” of the management of the social network.

Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of the social network, will be forced to shed light on the scandalous merging of user data [ Kommersant ]


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