The developers of the “royal battle” Islands of Nyne stopped supporting the game and transferred it to the F2P model

Servers will still work in the “foreseeable future.

Studio Define Humans has announced that it will stop supporting the sci-fi shooter in the “royal battle” genre of Islands Of Nyne due to a lack of funding.

The reality is that we can no longer cover the cost of development, despite our attempts to change the situation in the last update and throw off the price. Whatever the case may be, there is a light side to this – today Islands of Nyne will switch to the F2P model, and the servers will continue to work in the foreseeable future.from the developers statement

The studio also stressed that buyers will be able to issue a refund for any in-game purchases made after November 29th. The developers notified Valve to confirm the refund regardless of the time spent in the game.

In addition, Define Humans plans to release a final update that will add titles to the main menu. They will contain the names of all game buyers and sponsors who supported the project on crowdfunding campaigns. The authors separately emphasized that they were going to do everything possible so that the servers would continue to work without updates.


Islands Of Nyne: Battle Royale was released in early Steam access in July 2018. The developers planned to bring the game to release within a year, adding two more maps, achievements, customization of modes, and other innovations. From mid-July to late August, the game lost almost all online – from 5-6 thousand to 200 users per day. And the average rating was 57% positive reviews.

In mid-September, the authors of The Culling action refused to take the course for the “royal battle” . They said that interest in the regime turned out to be even less than in the first version of the game, and therefore they decided to “return to the roots”.


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