The creators of The Culling 2 will remove the game from the sale after the criticism of users and return to work on the original

The first part of the “royal battle” will go to the shareware model.

The head of the studio Xaviant Josh Van Veld published an appeal on YouTube, in which he spoke about the company’s plans for the future.

First of all, he apologized to all fans for failing The Culling 2, the number of players in which fell to one two days after the release.

According to him, Xaviant listened to the users and now completely remove the game from all stores – Steam, PS Store and Xbox Store. Anyone who managed to get it, will return the money.

At first it was hard for us to sort out the whole situation and draw the necessary conclusions.

But we talked a lot on this topic and in the end it became clear to us that The Culling 2 is not the game you asked for. She is not a worthy continuation of the first part.Josh Van Veldhead of Xaviant Games

In addition, according to Van Veld, the company’s employees decided to completely revise their approach to work, following the suggestions of fans.

Developers will return to the original The Culling, and will develop it almost from scratch. The original build from March 2016 will be launched on test servers on Steam until July 24, and with the next update, the online action will be conditional.

We will return to The Culling in its original form. And it seems to me that for this game we also have to apologize to you.

When we remembered how we launched this game on the market, we realized that too quickly we started changing a lot in it. And we so wanted to modify The Culling, change the balance, add it, that we forgot about what made it unique.


We took the game that you loved, and began to remake, taking away from you. And I apologize for that.Josh Van Veldhead of Xaviant Games

Now the goal of Xaviant is to make the current version of the game closer to its early patches. The combat system will be processed again, and the perks will be returned.

Van Weld promised that the studio will continue to work better with the community and will try to earn his trust. According to him, the developers have learned a lot in the process of working on the two parts of The Culling.

The head of the company also thanked all the fans of the first game and said that he would soon share details about the upcoming updates.

The Culling is a “royal battle” with an emphasis on melee fighting in a reality show setting. It came out even before the genre gained popularity – a year before the release of PUBG in the “early access”.

The second part, which Xaviant released on July 10, 2018, turned out to be more like Battlegrounds, rather than the original, and the players took it very negatively.


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