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Roskomnadzor completely block Telegram for 20 billion rubles

After a series of unsuccessful attempts to block Telegram, Roskomnadzor decided to introduce a new technology. Its global testing will begin next year.

According to experts, blocking the messenger will cost the department 20 billion rubles.

The ILV plans to use the DPI “deep packet analysis” technology. On the side of each Internet service provider, special equipment is installed, which analyzes all traffic passing through.

Special software determines which traffic belongs to certain applications. If necessary, unwanted services are cut off. According to the BBC, now this technology is already being tested in one of the regions of Russia.


Purchase of such Internet complexes will be at the expense of the state.

Despite the attempts of Roskomnadzor to block the messenger (and the blocking has been ongoing since April 2018), over the year the Russian audience Telegram increased 1.5 times. [Kommersant ]


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