Grodno recorded the influx of Internet fraudsters

In 2017–2018, an increase in the number of crimes committed with the help of the Internet is observed in the territory of the Grodno region. More often they are characterized by burglary and unauthorized access to accounts in social networks, as well as embezzlement of money from bank cards. Often fraudsters impersonate their victims, using hacked instant messengers and accounts on the same social networks.

In the last months of this year, such activity is recorded almost daily. The website of the Investigative Committee of the Republic of Belarus provides several examples of how attackers act.

So, in December, in Grodno, a 29-year-old local woman received a message from her friend through a social network, who asked to send her a bank card data. She allegedly was going to throw money at her for cash. The Belarusian took a bank card on both sides and sent pictures. As a result, she lost 1100 rubles.


Another victim of the scam was a 29-year-old resident of Grodno, who tried to purchase goods in the amount of 3 thousand Russian rubles in Russia. Payment did not go all, after which the seller offered to help by asking for the card data. Belarusian provided them, after which 53 thousand Russian rubles were written off.

Investigators recommend to be more attentive to Internet security, not to provide personal and payment information to everyone in a row and to use existing data protection systems.


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