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In different places in Paris and on different days: AFP exposed fake trickery on Twitter during protests

Photojournalists were accused of using a “good angle” to give out a small fire for the fire – and they denied it.On December 9, Twitter user Dovey Wan published two photos with the caption “Perspectives Matter.” The first shows a fire against the backdrop of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris, the second – a few photographers in front of a fire.

After the tweet began to diverge, Dovey Wan clarified what is outside of Paris. “This is not news, this is not first-hand,” the author noted and indicated that she had taken pictures from her account on Weibo.

Despite the author’s notes, in social networks and the media accused the

photographer of the French agency Agence France-Presse in a lie. They allegedly specifically used a snapshot of a small fire in Paris to show a large flame during the “yellow vests” protests.

AFP stressed that it is not related to these two photos. Representatives of the agency conducted a mini-investigation and explained on Twitter why this is actually fake. According to journalists, the pictures were taken on different days and in different places in Paris.

The AFP found out that the author of the first photo with a burning scooter against the background of the Arc de Triomphe is an employee of the French agency Hans Lucas. She took a picture on December 1 at Avenue Foch.

The second photo with a fire was made by an employee of the French magazine Le Point. This happened much later – December 8th. The photo was taken on Avenue Friedland, which in relation to Avenue Foch is located on the opposite side of the Triumphal Arch.

The AFP confirmed their findings by comparing the location of traffic lights, lampposts and fences. They compared the panoramas on Google maps.


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