Fortnite and Bosesetta hit the top search queries of the year on Pornhub

On December 11, the Pornhub service traditionally summed up the results of the past year – it published detailed statistics showing the interests of its users.

Of course, games also hit the tops of porno-hosting. Fortnite ranked second in the Search Queries That Determined 2018 ranking, and Bowsett (the feminine version of Bowser from the Mario series) is ninth.

Representatives of Pornhub say that users tend to experience sexual attraction to game characters. Therefore, in April, when the Fortnite servers fell en masse, the popularity of the “Fortnite” query on Pornhub jumped 60%.

After Bouzetta became a viral sensation on the network, Porhub users only got her name in a search more than three million times a week. The pornographic videos with a cosplay on her were not long in coming, one of the most popular has more than 700 thousand views.

2018 for Pornhub users was marked by the transition to 4K. This request bypassed the popularity of 1080p, which in 2017 occupied the fourth place.

The word “fortnite” also entered the top of the most popular search terms in 2018, rising to 17,323 points and taking the place of honor between “big ass” and “Chinese women”.

age category in which the most frequently sought “fortnite”

As for the consoles, porn in 2018 was most often watched from the PlayStation, Xbox, PS Vita (and what else to do with it now) and the Nintendo WiiU.


At the same time, on other platforms, porn has almost completely become mobile. The share of views from smartphones rose to 71.6%.

Harley Quinn and Elastica from The Incredibles 2 are leading in movie and TV characters. The greatest growth was shown by the heroes of the Netflix “Big Mouth” animated series.

In the top of the game characters expectedly broke Bouzette and new heroines of Overwatch – Brigitte and Ash. Calamity (skin of a black girl from Fortnite) showed the greatest growth.

The most significant drop in traffic from Pornhub was caused by the presentation of Apple and the royal wedding. The top also hit the main film awards and the premiere of the second season of the “Wild West World”.

As for Russia, the leading request from this country in 2018 was “hentai”, but “fortnite” did not make it to the top of requests, but in the top three there is still “overwatch”.

As for the average visit time, then the Russians are not very good. It leaves less than 8 minutes and is located at the bottom of the rating.

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