“Times change. DOOM is forever “: Bethesda opened the” fan club “of the series to its 25th anniversary

Celebrate the anniversary with contests and special materials will be the whole of 2019.

The first game of the Doom series was released on December 10, 1993. In honor of the 25th anniversary of the publishing house Bethesda published a short holiday video about the history of the franchise – with the “ports” of the original game for watches and calculators, as well as memes.

The company also opened the Slayers Club “fan club” on its website , where they will hold contests, publish materials and distribute awards. The first of them – the skin of the protagonist in the guise of a zombie for DOOM Eternal, will receive everyone who registers on the site and subscribes to the newsletter.

Apparently, the mechanics of “intrusion” will not be the only multiplayer element in the next part of the shooter. The site states that the skin “will be available in the story campaign, the” Invasion “mode and the yet unannounced DOOM Eternal network mode.”


Perhaps we are talking about the standard multiplayer, which was in the 2016 game, or is it something else.

Also on the site you can download wallpapers for PC and mobile devices with art for the 25th anniversary of Doom, as well as purchase merchandise, including T-shirts and mugs.

At the moment, DOOM Eternal does not have an exact release date – it is planned to be released in 2019.

Earlier, one of the creators of the series, John Romero, announced a modification for the original shooter of 1993 – Sigil, which will continue the plot of the game.

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