Tencent removed Monster Hunter: World from WeGame at the request of the authorities

The game did not comply with “laws and regulations.

On July 13, the Chinese company Tencent announced that it had to remove the PC version of Monster Hunter: World, which was released on August 8, from the WeGame service. The platform administration has received many complaints from the authorities that the game does not comply with “laws and regulatory requirements.”

Tencent did not clarify what specifically violates local laws in the game and whether the Capcom developers, for their part, can do something about it. Apparently, the return of World in service speech is not yet.

As for the users of WeGame who bought the game, they are given a week to arrange a refund – in addition, they will also receive a coupon for 30 yuan in their digital wallet. If someone decides to leave the game in his library, then it will still work, but Tencent does not guarantee the stability of the servers.

As noted by the publication RADII China, the Chinese gaming market has for some time been struggling with the authorities conducting a “purge” in order to reduce the amount of content with “inappropriate content”. Monster Hunter: World may have been tagged as one of these products.

The Chinese players were upset by what had happened, but for them all is not lost. They can still purchase the Steam version, which in just a few days setthree service records at once. However, it did not escape their problems – see user reviews full of complaints about the intrusive nature of the game to your computer’s performance, unstable server and multiple crashes.

According to unofficial data collected using the SteamSpy service , more than two million users already own the game on SteamSpy . Summarizing this figure with a Capcom report of 8.3 million copies as of June 30, the players considered that total sales exceeded 10 million copies.

Despite the problems and mixed reviews on Steam, Monster Hunter: World is still in the top ranking of games of the service by the number of simultaneous players. At the time of writing, there are more than 310 thousand users.


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