PC version of Super Meat Boy Forever will be exclusive Epic Games Store up to 2020 the year

The game will be released in April 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and 

On the availability of the PC version through Epic Games Store, developers from the studio Team Meat told in their twitter.

Super Meat Boy Forever will be released in April 2019 for Switch, Epic Games Store, Xbox One and PS4. Pass it on to everyone!

The Steam store also opened the page of the game, but it indicated that the release will take place only in 2020.

This has angered some players, and they said that they would no longer buy the game, but would “secrete” it.

However, there are those who sided with the developers.

The abundance of criticism in these comments is a little depressing. I fully support the developers in wanting to get a fair share from the platform and hope that SMBF and Epic Games Store will flourish.

A spokesman for Team Meat also noted that players once hated Steam too, hinting that the Epic Games Store has a future.

Everyone damn hated Steam when it first appeared. I remember that, since I was one of those people.

Forever is a continuation of the original platformer, in which players will have 7 thousand levels. At least, so say the developers, who also noted that the game, though difficult, but honest.


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