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Tom Cruise starred in a social ad about the dangers of the “smoothing movement” feature in modern TV

In honor of the release of the blockbuster Mission Impossible: Consequences, the director of the film, Christopher McQuarrie, stopped by Tom Cruise on the set of the film “Best Gun 2”.

Together they shot a social commercial in which they talked about the dangers of the function of interpolation or “smoothing movement” in modern TV.

According to Tom Cruise, in many modern devices this option is enabled by default and hidden somewhere in the menu, but it doesn’t allow viewers to see the film as it was intended – it seems as if the picture was shot “not on film, but on high-speed the camera. “

The problem is that each manufacturer calls interpolation in their own way. For example, Sony has Motionflow, and Philips has Natural Motion. Therefore, Cruise and McQuarrie are advised to use a search engine to find it in their model.

The “smooth motion” function was originally invented in order to reduce eye strain. Under certain conditions, the standard 24 frames per second is not enough and the picture becomes twitching – for example, when the camera smoothly shows some kind of landscape. Interpolation solves this problem by adding intermediate frames created by the algorithm.


Purely technically it really makes sense to “smooth the movement” or even increase the frame rate in the cinema, since the standard of 24 frames per second many years ago was adopted as a necessary minimum for saving film and is essentially outdated.

However, many viewers and directors believe that with an increase in frame rate, films lose their cinematography and resemble television soap operas. This is due, among other things, to the fact that with 48 frames it becomes better to see the drawbacks of makeup, special effects and animation – the audience of the Hobbit, which was released in an experimental format, complained about it.

Therefore, Christopher Nolan, Paul Thomas Anderson and Ryan Johnson, who called the interpolation “liquid diarrhea,” advocate maintaining the standard at 24 frames per second and turning off interpolation .

“Mission Impossible: Consequences” will go on sale on Blu-ray in the near future, and in Russian iTunes, the picture is already top of the box office.


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