Yandex Launched Testing Alice Voice Assistant 

In the test version of the Yandex application for Android, the voice assistant Alice appeared. He knows how to talk about the weather, get directions, suggest addresses of institutions, search for information on the Internet and quote Oxxxymiron.

Communication with “Alice” is presented in the form of a dialogue, the user can ask questions by voice or enter them using the keyboard. Answers can be evaluated – for example, with a positive assessment, Alice will thank for the praise.

In the current version, the assistant from Yandex is able to understand the context of the conversation in some topics: for example, with questions about the weather or organizations, you can refine or supplement the request. In other cases, it works in the “one question – one answer” format. If Alice does not know the answer to a question, then it offers to look for information in Yandex. In addition, the assistant can open several third-party applications.


“Alice”, as in Siri and Google Assistant, has joke answers: for example, during testing by the editorial staff, the assistant refused to ask for “sing a song” and then quoted Grebenshchikov and Oxxxymiron.

In the test version of the application, the assistant sometimes makes mistakes in pronunciation (for example, when testing in the word “managers,” he pronounced the first vowel as “e”, and not as “e”) and sometimes utters phrases with excessively serious intonation.

Representatives of Yandex confirmed that they were testing a “new interface” among users of the beta version of the main application. “We will be ready to tell you more about the changes in the interface only after the testing is completed and the necessary improvements are implemented – this should happen this year,” the company added.


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