Genius from Silent Hill: Works of Akira Yamaoki – Part 2 Analysis of the soundtracks of the third and fourth Silent Hill.

Looking for the voice of Silent Hill

Team Silent did not doubt the success of the sequel for a second. In 2001-2002, a real game drop fell on the heads of gamers: Max Payne, Warcraft 3, Halo and other equally loud projects. But Silent Hill 2 was not lost on their background, but, on the contrary, it took high places in the charts, received an excellent press and a warm reaction from the gaming community.

Contrary to the fears of the publisher, neither complex psychologism, nor the hypertrophied surrealism of the game history did not prevent the growth of the Silent Hill audience. There is a new franchise. What is more important – the second part of it claimed the cinematic level of immersion and invited to discuss topics hitherto taboo in the industry.


Konami clearly understood what made the second game so popular. Fearing to frighten luck, the company’s management removed control of the creative freedom of Team Silent, and now the developers themselves could choose the further course of development of the series.


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