Under the ice of Greenland found a crater from the fall of a giant meteorite

A group of international scientists, including the NASA glaciologist, discovered a crater left behind by a massive meteorite under a layer of ice in Greenland. The crater entered the 25 largest discovered on the planet and became the first to be found under the Greenland ice sheet.

The crater has a depth of more than 300 meters, its diameter is just over 30 kilometers. Researchers took several years to confirm the hypothesis and verify the data before report ing the discovery – the crater was discovered in 2015. The exact age of the crater is difficult to determine, but it is known that it was formed less than three million years ago.


“The crater is perfectly preserved, which is strange: ice is an effective abrasive material that can destroy all traces of impact, ” the scientists note. The state of the crater indicates that it could have formed shortly before the end of the last ice age. This makes it one of the “youngest” on the planet.



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