How the droid L3-37 from “Han Solo: Star Wars” was created using visual effects 

The singer of the role not only voiced the robot, but also played in some scenes.

Studio Hybride Technologies, which worked on the visual effects of the film “Han Solo: Star Wars. Stories ”showed how the image of the Lando Calrissian partner, the L3-37 droid, was created.

Solo: A Star Wars Story Hybride VFX Breakdown from Hybride Technologies on Vimeo.

The role of the robot performed Phoebe Waller Bridge (“Flibeg”, “trash”). She not only gave Eltree’s voice, but also starred in some fragments. For example, in the episode where the droid sits in the cabin of the ship, you will notice that the Waller Bridge uses a special chromakey jumpsuit.


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