The Imperial Senate: Part Two “Cybersport Membership” From how a thousand rubles to become a cybersportsman.

e it at the discretion of potential participants. (Another important reminder that it is necessary to read the rules of the user agreement and other conditions of the concluded contracts).

Features provided by the program:

  1. Enter the official community of Russian cybersportsmen;
  2. Participate in exclusive tournaments with valuable prizes;
  3. Have permanent access to preferences, promotions and discounts offered by regular program partners;
  4. Win contests and sweepstakes with e-sports prizes, including tickets to international tournaments and closed autograph sessions.

It is also said that this is only a part of the currently developed capabilities that are available to the participants of the “FKS Russia Cybersports” program. Next, everything in order.

The opportunity to become a member of the official community of Russian cybersportsmen

First, there is no such community. Such loud words – this is just a pathetic description of the program. Secondly, it seems that a community with a similar name should have some legal basis. For example, to be a union. Although, if we proceed from the legislation, then such a trade union should be called something like this“The official community of athletes in computer sports”.

It seems to be a trifle, but judge for yourself. The word “cyber sportsman” sounds closer to the ears of the gaming industry audience, which means that the wording used is perceived as something officially registered. In my opinion, the FKS of Russia should be guided by the moral principles of the sports federation and not mislead people.

For example, you are already an active cybersportsman, you have a sports category, represented a country in international competitions or even The Defense won. In general, they did everything to be considered a cyber sportsman. But one thing, you are not registered in the program “Cybersportsman FKS of Russia”. It turns out that you should not be in the official community of Russian cybersportsmen


There is a clarification on this point in the provision: “The FCC of Russia reserves the right to expand the circle of persons endowed with the status of“ program participant ”. Only here it does not answer the previous question, but generates new ones. Why does someone have to pay for participation in the program, and someone can become a participant according to different criteria? Is this a violation of the fundamental principles of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation “On Physical Culture and Sports in the Russian Federation” (hereinafter referred to as Federal Law No. 3) and the international sports movement?

Exclusive Tournaments

The program provides for exclusive tournaments only for its participants. That is, exclusive tournaments are only for those cybersportsmen who paid for the program to be able to participate in them. At the same time, they are considered members of the official community of Russian cybersportsmen. I will remind you. The main goal of the Computer Sports Federation of Russia is the development of computer sports in Russia as part of the international sports movement and preparing citizens for life in an information society. What is the relationship between the development of sports and the division of athletes on the principles that violate the fundamental provisions of the Federal Law-3?


Let’s take a closer look at what an exclusive tournament is. It was conducted on the card version of the game Clash Royale. Prize fund50 thousand rubleswhich is distributed as follows:

  • for the first place 20 thousand rubles;
  • for the second place 10 thousand rubles;
  • 3-4 place for 5 thousand rubles each;
  • for 5-8 place 2.5 thousand rubles each.

At the first stage of the tournament registered nine of the planned 1024 people. Following the link you can see the tournament grid of the stage . It turns out that nine registered users of the Cybersportsman FKS of Russia program made contributions (brought a profit ) in the amount of 9 thousand rubles.

Minute of entertaining mathematics from the FCC of Russia. We do not take into account the second stage of the tournament, which is to be held on October 27, 2018 (PS tournament was canceled). We do not take into account all financial indicators, except for the announced prize fund. We get the following 9,000 – 50,000 = -41,000 rubles. Apparently, for the sake of the development of eSports on the scale of the Russian Federation, the FKS of Russia does not feel sorry for anything, not even common sense. True, this tournament has nothing to do with the fundamental goal of the sports federation.

The regulations for this tournament contain information that the FCC of Russia is endowed with the rights and duties of an all-Russian sports federation for the “computer sport” sport. This means that these competitions fall under the jurisdiction of FZ-3. We return to the question of the legality of holding such competitions under the auspices of the FCC of Russia. It turns out that violations of the law not only took place, but were made consciously, is it worth understanding?

As for the information about the competitions themselves (and the requirements for the participants), they officially look like this.

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