Sunday yakozun fight two: PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X A small comparison and thoughts based on personal experience of use. Not a word about RDR 2 (well, almost).

There should have been a photo of my consoles, but I was too lazy to disconnect them and look for a decent background at home ūüôĀ

Let’s begin, perhaps, with the important reservation.¬†This opus does not attempt to unleash the “holy war” or challenge Sony’s victory in this generation of consoles.¬†The author is not a “fan-fight” of any camp, but only a modest owner of these devices who wants to share his experience.¬†To acquaint you with the pros and cons, some chips that could be missed in the reviews of past years.¬†Also ‚Äúpogangovat‚ÄĚ about the future generation of consoles, because¬†I believe that the current “improved” versions are a good guideline for what awaits us in the new generation of devices.

In the review, I will sometimes refer to my last article about PS4.

The first thing the user encounters when unpacking the console and takes it in hand. In the case of the PS4 Pro Рthe crunch and other sounds, it is the same for the PS4 Slim. The plastic is crushed and crunches with a little pressure and the whole construction seems to be unreliable. It would seem that there is nothing of this, put the console on the shelf and just do not touch it, but this minus will begin to manifest itself from an unexpected side. After long games in something powerful (God of War for example) you decide to turn off the console and go to bed, well, if the console is not in the bedroom, otherwise the next hour you will hear the crunch of the cooling plastic.

Comparison of the sizes of "brick" and "big maca"
Comparison of the sizes of “brick” and “big maca”

In turn, the XOne X is smaller in size, but noticeably heavier.

Severity is good, gravity is reliable …


Boris Razor or Boris-Khren-Get
Live Soviet coat of arms

It feels like a monolithic black brick. Plastic and build quality seem more reliable, inside nothing rattles. The power supply is built into the inside, so now, like the PS4, a neat power cable goes straight from the console to the outlet. In the old XOne, there was a portable power unit of about the size of a third of the XOne X, which was another task to hide. Obviously, the XOne X looks more stylish than the old XOne.


Suddenly, but this is the second thing you find in the box with the device. Which gamepad is better? Obviously, the issue of convenience is highly subjective. From an early age I played on the Dualshock (PS1-2) and the PS4 controller is more familiar to me personally, but I admit that the Xbox controller is better suited for owners of large hands. Tenacious plastic, which surprisingly almost does not get dirty, a longer course of sticks.

With the new XOne revisions, there is an updated gamepad, in it, as in Dualshock, a 3.5mm headset plug is built in.
With the new XOne revisions, there is an updated gamepad, in it, as in Dualshock, a 3.5mm headset plug is built in.

What can be said about more objective parameters?¬†Working hours!¬†Unfortunately, the PS4 gamepad does not work very long, 6-7 hours of active play and please connect a wire or take a second gamepad.¬†Just for such cases I have two gamepads, during the game on the weekend one is not enough.¬†What’s in the green corner of the ring?¬†“AA batteries ?! at 2k18m ?!”¬†But seriously, the idea with finger batteries is not so bad, the controller on the complete Duracell was enough for almost 2 weeks of the game, i.e.¬†Half a month you are not at all worried about the charge of the gamepad and put it where you want.¬†If you buy a battery for charging from USB (Play and Charge Kit), then with it the gamepad lasts for a week.¬†It is quite a good result, given that the vibration at the XOne controller is noticeably stronger.

For the protocol, it is worth noting that there is an Elite version of the controller for the ‚ÄúX-box‚ÄĚ, but it costs as much as half of the Xbox One S, but judging by the reviews, the thing is worth it if you have extra money and a desire to perform more conveniently in some Call of Duty .¬†In the PlayStation camp there are many controllers from third-party manufacturers and judging by the reviews there is nothing good in them, perhaps only the controllers from Scuf are positively noted, but the price tag there is very far from affordable.



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