How did it happen that the PlayStation Classic “did not deliver” the classics Classic games against legal nuances

Sony unveiled a complete list of all twenty titles that will appear in the PlayStation Classic. Games will be installed in advance, but your own download to the retroconsole will not work. The players immediately missed many games, such as Spyro the Dragon, Gran Turismo or Resident Evil 2. In their opinion, Sony ignored a good part of the real classics when it seemed that the choice was obvious. But that has its own reasons, and quite weighty. Some titles have long outdated copyrights, while others have some technical limitations. Author Polygon figured out the situation, and we chose the most important of his material .


License issues

The original Gran Turismo is one of the best-selling games from Sony’s first console. At one time, she was praised for driving physics, modern graphics, and an impressive fleet of 140 cars. Each of them was licensed.

This reason alone is already enough to sweep away the Gran Turismo from the PlayStation Classic. The game is more than ten years old – during this time the license has expired a long time ago. For re-commercial use (and the release of the PlayStation Classic – this is the very case), the rights need to be extended, and these are unnecessary and very substantial expenses for Sony.


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