Project Nova – DUST 514 Successor by CCP Games

Once upon a time, in the days of PS3, I registered and even played a little DUST 514 – a free first-person shooter in the EVE universe.

And just yesterday, a letter came to the mail that I used when registering an account for the game, which offered to claim the preservation of the name of my character from DUST 514 for transfer to their future project called Project Nova. To do this, you need to follow this link. If several characters were created, then the most “experienced” of them (name with the longest history and most progression) were automatically selected. Deadline is given until October 28, but no additional details about the game are reported.

Also, in addition to saving the nickname, “veterans” from DUST 514, who will have time to confirm themselves before October 28, will receive a special suit (Dropsuit) called “PHOENIX”.

Full text of the letter:

Claim your DUST 514 Name

Limited Time Opportunity

Greetings% username%

Take advantage of this single DUST 514 user name% email address. This name will be taken by CCP Games.

You must be able to claim your DUST 514 name.

Any potential DUST 514 Veteran Rewards will be made. We will grant you a unique, unique PHOENIX Dropsuit, which will allow you to make your choice.

Unclaimed names will be a chance of Veteran Rewards. Criticism of the above mentioned.

The history of the most progression has been provided, which is% username%.

You have to the All do is follow the this link and the directions found! On the page.

If you wish, please follow the above guidelines, and then contact [email protected] .

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– The DUST 514 / Project Nova Team

– The DUST 514 / Project Nova Team

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