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Photo: “Nude” at the Chelyabinsk dump

The photographer told  why she chose such a location.

Photo by Natalia Rezepina, model Daria Chakina
Photo by Natalia Rezepina, model Daria Chakina

Chelyabinsk photographer Natalya Rezepina arranged a photo session at a local dump in August, a month later, which got into federal news. The “DFT photographers of Chelyabinsk” community on VKontakte drew attention to the pictures. The pictures of a naked girl standing on a torn wedding dress, posing against the backdrop of mountains of garbage with a plastic bag on her head.

In an interview with , Natalya said that she had devoted the summer to shooting the exhibition about time and contemporary problems, one of which is the disposal of garbage.

The task is to draw attention to this problem and its solution. Society in Russia is ready to collect and dispose of plastic. As soon as the townspeople have a habit of putting two types of garbage in different containers, a business will appear, and the problem will be partially solved.


And the location led navigator. Silence, bright sunlight and mountains of garbage. And a clean, but sparkling wedding dress. Symbol and sign.

Natalia Rezepina

In late September, the Chelyabinsk Prosecutor’s Office opened a criminal case against the city administration officials and the management of the municipal unitary enterprise GoreEcoCenter because of problems with garbage collection. A few days before the city authorities declared a regime of increased danger due to non-shipped waste.


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