Kaley Cuoco will be voiced by Harley Quinn in the upcoming DC animated series 

The network has already published a teaser television show.

As part of the New York Comic Con festival, DC Publishers announced that the lead role of Harley Quinn in the solo series will be Kayle Cuoco, the star of The Big Bang Theory. In addition, she will occupy the post of executive producer of the show.

In the teaser, Harley Quinn presented her own TV show and noted that “unlike the cartoon on Deadpool,” her series still comes out. In the story, Harley Quinn, with the help of Poison Ivy and other criminals of Gotham, will try to take a place in the organization of the super-villains “Legion of Fate.”


Animation show will be released in the DC Universe streaming service. The series will consist of 26 episodes, its release is scheduled for 2019.


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