Atlas robot did the opposite flip

The humanoid Atlas robot, developed by the American company Boston Dynamics, has mastered the new complex movements. Now the robot can not only jump from one platform to another, but also do complex acrobatic stunts. The company has uploaded videos with tests of their robot abilities on the official YouTube channel.

Balancing is one of the most difficult tasks for automated machines. For rescue robots, for example, it is necessary when overcoming difficult obstacles during disasters. Recently, Honda has shown a prototype of its E2-DR model, which can climb stairs and stepladders, as well as overcome debris – though only on four limbs.

Experts from the Boston Dynamics robotic company, founded by graduates of MIT, have been working on stabilizing their models for a long time: they even conduct tests, during which they push their robots, not only humanoid, but also four-legged (read about it, and also see examples of can see here ). Earlier, developers have taught Atlas to overcome difficult obstacles on two legs; now the robot is also able to jump on high blocks and do the opposite flip.


The engineers of Boston Dynamics managed to achieve increased stabilization of their model: Atlas does such a complex acrobatic trick no worse than professional gymnasts. Just two years ago, most of the advanced models presented at the DARPA Robotics Challenge robot competition fell even when walking:

Of course, Atlas can still fall: the engineers, however, taught the robot to get up correctly last year. Also, the developers have taught the humanoid robot to do homework: look at Atlas, deftly coping with a vacuum cleaner and a broom, you can here .

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