Leak: teaser AAA games in the universe of “Harry Potter” 

Probably, this is a certain “secret project” Avalanche for Warner Bros., which was previously rumored.

On Reddit appeared a short excerpt of the teaser of unannounced role-playing AAA-games in the universe of “Harry Potter”. The video is filmed on the phone, but even so it shows the development of the characters, location and the editor of the characters.

In the same place on Reddit the detailed description of the project is resulted is an action-RPG in the open world with a kind from the third party which action is developed in 19 century. The player assumes the role of a student who enters the fifth year of study at Hogwarts. There are some strange events happening in the castle and beyond, and the hero will have to solve them – in this he will help Professor Elezar Fig (Elezar Fig).

Among other things, the game will be crafting magical potions, learning new spells and meeting with fantastic creatures. And as enemies of the hero waiting for the dark magicians, goblins and other evil creatures (in the video you can see some of them).


Among the main features in the description are given.

  • Possibility to choose one of eight specializations
  • Study Hogwarts, acquaintance with friends, the disclosure of secrets and the opportunity to change the fate of the magical world.
  • The study of the magical system, which opens up “countless possibilities”.
  • Open the game world.
  • The ability to choose enemies and friends that will determine a good or evil worldview.
  • A rich character editor that will create your hero for a story unrelated to books or movies.

Back in April 2017, the media reported that the Avalanche studio was busy developing a high-budget game in the Harry Potter universe. This conclusion was drawn from the list of posted vacancies – from candidates, among other things, demanded an excellent knowledge of British culture.

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