Ninja became the first streamer to gain over 10 million subscribers on Twitch

His closest competitors have not reached even four million.

On reaching the mark Ninja reported on his twitter. He noted that he is proud of this and is grateful to all his viewers.

The first Twitch streamer with over 10 million followers! This is an insane mark that I am most proud of. I have been doing streaming for a very long time, and I cannot express how grateful I am for what position I am in. Love you guys.

According to Twitchmetrics, his closest competitor is the shroud streamer, which in the beginning of July received a

 ban for a month in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds for playing with a cheater. It is signed by almost four million people. Myth, TSM’s Fortnite captain, closes the top three. It lags behind shroud by only three tens of thousands of subscribers.

Ninja gained popularity on Twitch after he began streaming the “royal battle” mode in Fortnite, and before that he played H1Z1 and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds on his broadcasts.

For Ninja secured one of the records of Twitch, which he set together with rapper Drake. The number of simultaneous viewers of their broadcast on Fortnite in March exceeded 600 thousand people.

In the same month, a streamer spoke as a guest on American television and told about his earnings.


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