Popular PUBG streamer played in the cheater company – it divided the community into two camps

Players are not sure whether to punish such complicity for violators, or the developers themselves are to blame for this situation.

Recently, the popular Playerunknown’s Battleground streamer under the nickname Shroud conducted a broadcast, which at one moment, along with his friend Wadu, came across a cheater. The player could spawn vehicles on the map and fly them, for which the audience nicknamed him Harry Potter. Despite the fact that the cheater was not in the detachment of streamers, he did not attack them, just like they did. Instead, the players decided to team up for a while.

By this time, the full recording of the broadcast has already been removed from the Shroud channel, but on YouTube there is a ten-minute video showing the actions of the cheater and how calmly the streamers reacted to it.
Streamers get into a flying machine at 4:40

Shroud and Wadu asked cheaters to throw them to another point on the map, and he kindly agreed. At one point, a player with illegal software admitted that he sells cheats, thus earning a living. After that, the streamer asked him not to say it out loud.

Less than a day ago, the video was in the Battlegrounds section of Reddit, and in the comments below it the community was divided into two camps. Some noted that this is a ridiculous situation and there is nothing bad in it, while others reminded that there is a rule on the subreddit prohibiting discussion of cheats. Despite this, the topic has not yet been deleted by moderators.

Some began to point out that the developers of the game from the Bluehole studio are to blame for this situation, and the cheat used by the player has been present in the game for some time.

Should we blame his [streamer]? Bluehole deserved it. This cheat was in PUBG how much? Half a year?

Is it really that hard to implement a speed check? It moves at a speed of 650 kilometers per hour, not to mention the fact that it passes through obstacles. What the heck.fakoykas

There were also those who began to openly protect the streamers.

I watched it live and Shroud did nothing wrong. If a random player appears on a flying car and asks if you want to fly into the sunset with him while your stream is watched by 40 thousand people, naturally you will agree.dopef123

However, some readers of the section noticed

 that Shroud did not just agree to fly, but used the abilities of the cheater to gain advantage over other players.

Not true. He said, “Take me to where the players are,” and this guy took him to the house where Kemper, whom he [Shroud] then sat, sat. This is the same as using ESP [the ability to see that which should not be visible], it simply allowed another to use it for it. I like Shroud, and I just think that it was at that moment that he crossed the border. And he knows that.sch0larensnar3d

Players bitterly summed up that the developers of the Battlegrounds, most likely, have no idea how to solve the problem.

The fact that the official persona of the PUBG community has no choice but to accept that blatant cheating is part of the game really says a lot about its condition.lonegunman77

In the Battlegrounds Shroud community for many is the face of the game from the players. There are more than three and a half million subscribers on his Twitch channel , and tens of thousands of people regularly watch broadcasts. The game also has weapons skins dedicated to it.

Despite the fact that by the beginning of this year, more than a million cheaters were banned in the game using the BattlEye anti- cheat, their presence is still one of the main problems for the community.

In addition to cheaters, PUBG players are also worried about bugs. At the beginning of this month, the community discovered a place on the Sanhok map, where the character can lie down and literally “go” underground without losing the opportunity to shoot.


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